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Target Waterbase Spraying Lacquer

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Nonflammable • No toxic fumes • Easy clean-up
Environmentally friendly, high-build formula!

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Target Waterbase Spraying Lacquer
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Target® Emtech™ 7000 clear gloss waterbase acrylic lacquer is the safe, user-friendly alternative to traditional solvent-based nitrocellulose lacquer.

For best results and a crystal-clear finish, Target waterbase lacquer should be sprayed in a low humidity environment between 60-80°F. We've found that one quart is usually sufficient for topcoating an acoustic guitar body and neck (this can vary according to your spray gun settings and wood preparation).

For beautiful sunbursts and grain-enhancing hues, ColorTone Liquid Stains can be added to Target waterbase lacquer before spraying. For opaque (solid) colors, add ColorTone Liquid Pigments.

Compatible Target waterbase finishing products also include Sanding Sealer, Retarder, and Brushing Varnish.

CAUTION: Use only in well-ventilated areas. Avoid inhaling spray mist. Wear NIOSH-approved Respirator Mask while spraying.

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 Ratings and reviews
Target Waterbase Spraying Lacquer
Target Waterbase Spraying Lacquer
3.5 out of 5 stars
Based on 24 ratings Write a Review
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2 8-22-2012
Not good

The best thing about this lacquer is how easy and satisfying it is to remove. All you need is a hair dryer and it is as fun to peal off as skin you've burnt in the sun.

I shouldn't be to hard on this product as I did apply it wrong.I sprayed it too thick and never lost the blue tint so I don't think it fully hardened.

I did find however on a test piece that a thin coat does produce a good clear, hard finish.

Ed Hall  England Read my reviews (3)
1 7-05-2012
Would not cure

I've used a different Target product with good results. Thought I'd try this High Build formula. I went by the book leaving ample time for gassing between coats (2 hours). Also sprayed "Thin Coats". My big mistake was doing more than one guitar (4). I should have only did one.
I waited for almost 3 weeks to cure and it just would not cure. If I laid it on a tee shirt it would transfer the Tee pattern / creases to the finish. (Other people have had this happen.)
I had to strip all the Guitars and necks and start over using Nitro lacquer. Nitro sprays much easier and looks better. No "Blue Hue" like the 7000HBL. Others have had good results. I unfortunately did not.
I cannot recommend this Product. Stewart Macdonald is great though.
I tried to go Green! The other Target Product I used previously (did) work nicely and looks very good. But it is soft and clarity is just not as good as Nitro.
By the way I'm in So Cal and weather was perfect so that was not a factor.
One other thing. Dry sanding "Recommended by Target" was real difficult because it was soft and just immediately clogged up the paper. No dust! Just little round balls. Very Frustrating.
Very finicky product.

CJORDISON  NORWALK, CA Read my reviews (10)
4 7-04-2012
Decent finish

Unlike its sealer counterpart, this lacquer performs well. I have not experienced what others have in their negatives reviews, and I think their problems may have more to do with the environment than the product itself. It dries hard and cures within a couple of weeks. It tends to spray on the satin side but reaches a high gloss after wet sanding and buffing. The results are comparable to nitro without the high cost to the environment.

Francis Voignier  Arcata, CA Read my reviews (14)
5 3-14-2012
Water base lacquer

I did a multi-color on an electric solidbody....first time with lacquer...once I got some advice and took my time,it was fine. Very good product when you know what you are doing!!

slmit  Vermont Read my reviews (2)
5 1-13-2012
Great Finish

This is a clear and hard finish. It doesn’t reek of dangerous solvents and sands and buffs very well. I applied it with a 3-stage HVLP and had great results. I’ve used the previous colortone lacquer from Target, and this is harder and builds faster.

The trick is, you have to be patient. This finish works best if you allow AMPLE time between coats. If you spray on top of a coat that isn’t quite gassed off, you’ll definitely get blue cloudy problems. And you need to allow more than the week of curing time recommended. I allowed three weeks curing time, and it sanded and buffed well.

Great product.

Paul GC  New Jersey
Customer supplied image for review
5 1-06-2012
As with any finish, technique is important

I'm not sure why the negative reviews. I've used many finishes and they all have strengths and weaknesses. This particular finish is wonderful if you hold a few things in mind:

One is that water based finishes are crappy at popping grain - they just are... so use shellac or epoxy or something that penetrates if you want the grain to gain depth.

Another is that you always need to scuff between dissimilar finishes. EM6000 is pretty good at sticking to things, but still you should always scuff your shellac or epoxy or varnish or whatever before you start with your waterbase. Better yet, scuff and then pad your first coat of waterbase with a wadded up paper towel so the surface is smoothly and evenly covered and you don't have surfactant or fisheye problems. After you've padded the first coat, the rest will lay on very well.

Another is use good sandpaper - cheap Asian import sandpaper from Harbor Freight will leave soaps and grains and any number of things that will ruin a finish. Just use Norton or Mirka or 3m or similar... pay a little extra - it's worth it.

Now for technique...

You must put on even thin wet coats of the Target WB lacquer - this means good spray equipment and good technique. If you're an amateur and you're not getting good spray results - look in the mirror for the reason, not at the product. For the EM6000 I use a 1mm tip on a gravity feed automotive touchup gun (asturo) and I try to run about 18psi at the pump which probably gives me 12psi at the tip... not sure if I'll have to change it for EM7000. I take moderately slow passes about 8" from the surface. It goes on great. Keep in mind, it's not Nitro & so it doesn't hang as well on vertical surfaces. So, spray the top and set the guitar down on its back and spray the top of another guitar. when you spray the sides - lay the guitar on its back and wait a minute and then flip the guitar so it sits on its front. A little bit of TLC like this and the coats will go on smooth and you will build fine and you will all but eliminate runs.

If the product does run, take heart - it sands better than any other finish… never wet sand - always dry sand… I know what you're thinking… "That'll never work." But somehow it does. This stuff dry sands like a miracle. If you create a run or sag while spraying, the product is very forgiving. Keep a lot of paper towels at the ready - if you act quickly, you can lightly wipe off mistakes and re-spray... you can't do that with nitro. Touch up of a dry spot that you only notice after you've sprayed the surface are better than nitro too… you just go over them quickly and lay down the guitar and they melt in as if you never had a dry spot. So, workability better than Nitro if you just keep in mind that it doesn't hang on vertical surfaces as well as Nitro… which is to say that if you spray on the heavy side on a vertical surface, you're risking a run/sag.

OK - two other things to note. One is a downside and the other is… well either a benefit or downside depending on whether you keep it in mind as you're finishing.

The (only real) downside of this product is that it takes a LONG time for the product to reach full cure… far far longer than is stated. I suspect this is because they want to have "burn in" without sanding... fine... I like that feature actually, just keep in mind that if water gets on the finish and stays for an hour or so (laying a guitar on a wet spot on the bench after installing a transparent pickguard) it will mark the finish. The finish gets nice and hard over the first week or so, so you can buff it & etc., but it will still water-mark after this initial hardening phase (much like shellac) for a couple of months after the guitar is finished. Just understand that and be careful around water, and you'll be fine. I don't know if this can be remedied with UV lamps, but I suspect it might be and so I'm going to run a few tests.

Oh, and the downside and/or benefit is that when you're toning - be aware that the finish will have a little bluish tint for a few weeks... it's not noticeable as it is on many WB finishes, but it will throw off your color a bit. If you finish a guitar to a specific color, just know that as that very light bluish tint fades, the color will warm up a bit... not a bad thing once you're used to it, it's actually a bit like the warming that naturally happens to Nitro over the first ~2 years but is accelerated to happen over the first few weeks and then the color stays put fairly well due to UV protection in the finish. Anyway, keep these things in mind and you'll love it.

Finally, wear a respirator - just because you aren't killing brain cells with strong smelling chemicals doesn't mean there isn't danger with ANY atomized finish. Don't breathe an atomized water based polymer as it will deposit in your lungs and because it is heavy and water based, your lungs will have a tough time expelling it and it will eventually build up and cause you problems. So, be smart and wear a mask and goggles.

4 12-21-2011
Not for everyone but a good product

I can recommend this product with a couple of caveats. If you are looking for a rock hard guitar finish you can polish to a deep high gloss this is not a product you want to buy. It’s a compromise product for builders who do not have the facilities to shoot solvent lacquers year round like me.

I live in the northeast US and humid summers and cold winters leave about 4 months out of the year where spraying outdoors due to my lack of an indoor temperature controlled spray room is feasible. After a few incidents of sickening my family spraying nitrocellulose indoors, I turned to the Target product. After a bit of trial and error I found a spray protocol that works well. As for VOCs, this product is fantastic.

Particulate overspray is the only respiratory issue and can be addressed with a simple homemade spray booth setup. This product MUST be thinned unless you have access to a high pressure system. Forget about shooting it HVLP without thinning. I have a high quality DeVilbis HVLP gun and even with a 2.0mm tip the results were less than ideal. I thinned it about 30% and shot it with the HVLP gun and the results were very good. Remember, thinned to this degree it will run so mist the coats lightly or, as I did, just spray one surface at a time and let it rest horizontally. Don’t worry about overspray…the buffing out process will take care of that. Let me just say for full disclosure I do not like high gloss finishes.

My background before instrument making was as a period reproduction furniture maker and high gloss finished have always looked cheap and plastic to me. Also, I don’t see the logic in spending over $100 for a master grade soundboard and slathering it with a millimeter of hard lacquer completely changing its tonal characteristics. I shoot 3 coats of this stuff of the tops, let it cure for 3 days and sand it back hard with 220 grit and polish it to buttery smooth satin with 0000 steel wool. For the backs and sides I shoot 4-5 coats lightly wooling between coats. After curing, I knock off all of the overspray with 0000 wool until the surface is completely satin. Then I go to the buffing wheel and buff out the entire guitar except for the top with red compound finishing off with a clean buffing wheel.

The results are just what I look for; a finish somewhere between semi-gloss and gloss that captures all of the figure and highlights without looking like you could bounce a laser off of it to the moon! The feel is buttery smooth. This product will tighten up considerably after 3-4 days of curing so wait until its finished shrinking before doing anything to it. The reason I can’t give it 5 stars is because it won’t be for everyone but it satisfies my finishing needs perfectly and doesn’t send all of us into solvent narcosis.

cknob  Media, PA Read my reviews (17)
5 12-19-2011
Nice quality clear coat

Good quality,nice glossy finish. I use it on neck,headstock. I use the air brushkit from StewMac,a 5 gallons compressor, and 120 PSI cut off. I suggest to set your air debit between 60 and 80 PSI,like any clear coat,if you don't want orange peal and not to much water sanding,,blow hi debit,you'l see a difference and a good buff after. Gone shine like a mirror.

Denys  Gatineau,Quebec,Canada Read my reviews (8)
1 12-17-2011
Not suitable

This finish is much too soft. After waiting a week for the finish to cure I proceeded to sand it flat and buff it out, as I've done many times before using another finish, which is no longer available. It would appear to be perfect and then a few hours later flaws would appear. I would sand it and buff it again and again imperfections would appear after a few hours.

After going threw this a dozen or so times, I realized that the soft, flannel cloth that it rested on was imparting the subtle weave of it's fabric to the instrument. Just about anything that touches the finish is going to leave a mark. This is after over a month of drying. I was told that since it is a catalyized finish it will not get any harder. Useless, and for me just a waste of my time. This is how I make my living and I can't afford to waste my time.

ukasaurus  USA Read my reviews (2)
4 12-02-2011
Great results with a learning curve

I have been using Target Coatings in my shop for 3 years now, and it has replaced Solvent based for everything except Vintage restorations. It takes some learning to get the gun dialed in properly, but once you have a hang of this stuff, the finish is great, Very Hard, Crystal clear, great burn in and no Blue tint like many other water based lacquers I have tried. Beginning to love this stuff, and Target has a finishers forum that is a huge help in getting the finish you want.

HJC Customs  Portage, Michigan Read my reviews (2)
Customer supplied image for review
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