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Fret Slotting Table Saw Blade

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Fast and accurate! Now you can cut fret slots on your table saw or radial arm saw.

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Fret Slotting Table Saw Blade
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1557 Fret Slotting Table Saw Blade Yes

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Labor saver!
Slot fingerboards quickly, cleanly and precisely, for any scale length, right on your own table saw. Ideal for production work, this is the same model 100-tooth high-topped steel blade we use here at our factory.

The outer edge of the .060" blade is specially hollow-ground to cut .023"-wide slots for our fretwire. This custom shape cuts more smoothly, and eliminates the need for an additional blade stiffener. 5/8"-diameter arbor required.

Blade dimensions
Width of cut.023"(0.58mm) on the outer 1/4" (6.35mm) edge

Slot your own fingerboards quickly and precisely with our Fret Scale Templates and this saw blade.

Need help calculating your fret locations?
Our online fret scale calculator can calculate any scale length you want to use. It will also give you accurate measurements for locating the bridge on your instrument.

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 Ratings and reviews
Fret Slotting Table Saw Blade
Fret Slotting Table Saw Blade
5 out of 5 stars
Based on 33 ratings Write a Review
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5 6-09-2012
Stew Mac on the mark again!

Saves precious time and does great work!

walter M  Austin, TX Read my reviews (2)
5 5-24-2012
excellent for aluminium necks

I reccently purchased one of these blades from stew mac to use for slotting aluminium necks. i realise they are disigned for timber slotting but ive done 2 aluminium necks (with dead accurate slots)so far and the blade is still sharp. It took only a few minutes to slot each neck. considering that previously it took hours by hand to end up with less than perfect slots this blade is a winner for me. Note for Australian customers. check your table saw will accept a 16mm arbour (most table saws in aus seem to take 20mm or larger) luckily my dewalt takes a 16mm.

gseguitars  australia
Customer supplied image for review
5 5-14-2012
Fret Slotting Circular Saw

This circular saw blade, when mounted in an accurately set up table saw, cuts a fine slot that readily accepts the frets, whether installed by press or soft hammer. It does however, require a sliding jig to present the fingerboard to the exposed blade at a precise angle, indexed by an accurate template. The flat plate(MDF)jig in the photo is held at right angles to the circular saw by a long timber strip that slides in the table top LHS channel, with a further two small guides on the RHS. The fret indexing guide is fixed by screws to the reversed blank fingerboard and registers on a pin in the sliding jig. The accuracy of the fret spacing is assured by the jig fixed to the fingerboard and does not require any further measurements.
I have been using the S-M pullsaw jig, which is quite satisfactory, but in my opinion, requires more care in execution to obtain the correct depth and clean cut.

Colin V M Wright  Perth, Western Australia Read my reviews (5)
Customer supplied image for review
5 4-19-2012
This will save you time.

I don't think that any other tool in my shop has saved me more time and money than this blade coupled with the frett board template.

Winston & Fidel  Calgary AB. Canada Read my reviews (2)
5 4-11-2012
Fret Slotting Table Saw

For years I have been cutting my fingerboard slots with a .023" blade on my trusty Dremel 4" table saw. The motor died while I was using it to get fretboards ready for an upcoming Workshop. I ordered the Fret Slotting Table Saw and all I can say is WOW!!!! I did manage to find another Dremel table saw on e-bay but I will use that for other things. I will stay with my Stew Mac Fret Slotting Table Saw. It adds a great touch to the cast iron 1957 Vintage Craftsman 11" Table Saw I have had and used for the past 38 years.

Don Kawalek  Bunker Hill, WV
5 3-04-2012
speed and precision

just buy the saw and we are very pleased with our results, we improved a lot, our work was faster and preciso. Obrigado stewmac for us to offer excellent products with many great values​​.

case Music  fortaleza- ceara - brazil Read my reviews (2)
5 3-01-2012
Perfect for the job

I made a small table saw sled to hold the fret board true, and I can now cut all fret slots for a fretboard in minutes instead of hours and days by hand. I only plan to do a few fretboards a year. If you have a reasonable quality table saw it is worth it!

Jeff Wolters  Exeter, NH Read my reviews (15)
Customer supplied image for review
5 1-25-2012

Can't believe how smooth it cuts, it's not carbide tipped, but there is no tear out at all. Very please with how well it cuts.

Rich K  Ontario, Canada
5 11-19-2011
Setting up the blade

Great service thanks. Having cut fret slots by hand, this blade should make a big difference. I fitted it onto my small bench top table saw and immediately found that the blade was not running true. This had not been apparant on thicker blades. After checking I found that the clamping discs either side of the blade were not quite square to the arbour, only by a small amount but enough to make the slot too wide. A bit of time trueing up on the lathe sorted the problem. Now it cuts just the right width. Worth checking!

steve s  England
5 9-28-2011

Best StewMac purchase I have made; by far my favourite item! Slots a fretboard in five minute on the radial arm saw. It would be hard to go back to doing it by hand now if I for some reason had to.

A. Lucas  Canada Read my reviews (27)
Customer supplied image for review
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