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Golden Age Roller Bridge

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The only roller bridge that matches the 12" radius of the Nashville Tune-O-Matic. Low-friction brass roller saddles let the strings move freely and return to accurate pitch.

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Golden Age Roller Bridge
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1275 Chrome Yes
3 or more $31.95  

1275-G Gold Yes
3 or more $36.95  

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We designed this bridge to work with Bigsby vibratos, in place of the Nashville Tune-o-matic. This is the only roller bridge that matches the 12" radius of the Nashville, so you maintain the string action you're used to. We gave it a low profile to keep the strings clear of the bridge body too, eliminating a frequent source of vibrato problems.

Thumbwheel height-adjustment studs and knurled bushings are included.

String spread   Saddle radius   Stud spacing   Stud threads   
2-1/16"12"2-29/32"M5 x .8

About bridge & tailpiece measurements

String spread is the distance between the centers of the outer strings on a bridge or tailpiece.

Saddle radius determines the arc formed by all the individual saddle heights, and is similar to the measurement of a fretboard.

Stud/post spacing is the distance between the centers of the mounting posts of a bridge or 'stop' tailpiece.

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Golden Age Roller Bridge
Golden Age Roller Bridge
5 out of 5 stars
Based on 53 ratings Write a Review
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5 3-31-2013
Smart Replacement!

I bought the B70 package with the locking roller bridge for install on my '78 Ibanez PF100. Although I was liking the setup, I wasn't completely happy with the design of locking roller bridge and was still having problems keeping the guitar in tune when using the vibrato. After seeing the new Golden Age roller bridge, it was just what I was looking for, and at a very reasonable price. Installation was a little longer and tedious this time around, because I wanted to do it just right. Lots of measuring and remeasuring. I had the intonation spot-on, so I wrote down lengths from nut to saddle of each string, prior to removing the old locking roller bridge. Setup of the new Golden Age roller bridge was easy. I adjusted the saddles to the same position as my old locking bridge, which made it easier to know where I needed to install it on the guitar. Unlike the locking bridge, the Golden Age needed to be raised a bit, with two full turns of the wheel, to eliminate any buzzing. Intonation setup was WAY EASIER than the locking roller, with just a few turns of the screw driver, versus using the Allen wrench, and I was good to go. Intonation with the Golden Age was far and above what I got with the locking roller bridge also. I am very, very happy with the new bridge and Bigsby vibrato now.

papapearlsjam  Joliet, IL Read my reviews (3)
Customer supplied image for review
5 3-14-2013
cool bridge!

Because I have a bad habit of breaking strings on non-trem bridges, I figured this would be a good option for me. Now, some have said that roller bridges kill the sustain on les pauls. As far as this bridge, no worries. Installation was a breeze, my les paul resonates better and stays in tune better than the stock nashville bridge. Great product! Highly recommended!

chuckmccarty  north carolina
5 3-05-2013
1950's Tun-o-matic out & in with modern Golden Age Roller bridge !!

The reason I did this project was because I kept breaking strings and the intonation was hard to set...Note: Before doing this project I checked with Gibson/Epiphone and found out that Most newer Les Paul's have a 12" radius)(check your specs first) And was well pleased that the new roller bridge fit very well, a perfect radius onto how I did it....I first loosened my strings on my Epiphone Les Paul Ultra III and moved them out of the way...and then removed the old outdated Tune-o-matic bridge piece...and then unscrewed from the body the old Tune-o-matic bridge posts..I then used Some Guitar Grease from Stewmac on the new Knurled mounting studs and placing a piece of 1" foam on my table under the body of my 2012 Epiphone Les Paul Ultra III to absorb the shocks...I then used a rubber mallet and gently tapped in the new bridge mounting studs till flush with the old mounting female posts in the Epiphone body...I then put on the new Golden Age Roller bridge with intonation screws pointing to the rear of the guitar...I put the strings back on then tuned the instrument up with a TC Polytune tuner and then set the intonation...and then I played the guitar and was very pleased with the results..very easy to set the intonation..good sound, good sustain ..and definitely better than before the upgrade. I highly recommend this product. Thanks Stewmac for stocking it.

David Clemons  Lafayette, IN
Customer supplied image for review
5 2-11-2013
Quality unit

Like other reviewers I was attracted by the price. Wasn't sure if it would fit my Epi Les Paul Ultra, but was encouraged by Dave and Mike's comments. At Dave's suggestion, I gently tapped the mounting posts right into the Epi's studs. Pretty sure if I needed to, I could pull them out again. This is a 12" radius bridge. I'm pretty sure my guitar is 14", but it still plays very nicely. When and if Stew-Mac comes out with a 14", I'll pick one up. I installed a Bigsby B70, but I've removed the hold-down roller, too much friction. Since then I've tweaked the nut-slots, so I'll try putting the roller back. I'll probably have to do a little bit of filing on the rim of the bridge for string clearance. As closely as I may look, I've never really been sure if roller bridges actually roll, or if the strings just like that smooth round surface. Either way, it works!

kburty  Baltimore, MD
5 1-05-2013
a really great deal !!!

I ordered this going for the budget purchase. I didn't want to spend $80+ on a bridge at that time. I needed to replace my stock saddles because they had developed "multiple" string slots & I wanted to try a roller style bridge. I'm very glad I chose this bridge. It works perfectly, it was a true "drop in" replacement on my '97 Gibson Les Paul. Fit & finish is excellent. This is a fantastic deal for the price. I am very satisfied.

jmars  Austin, Texas, USA Read my reviews (4)
Customer supplied image for review
5 1-03-2013
Golden Age Roller Bridge

Big deal! What a fantastic purchase! It runs smoothly as ever worked with my Bigsby.

soliguitar  Barcelona -Spain
5 11-28-2012
The Roller Bridge

What can I say. To my knowledge the only 12" radius roller bridge and it works very well on my Bigsby equipped SG. I had a Goldo which was fine but sadly 14" radius which gave the outer strings a little too high action. This one works perfectly

Henrik Krogh  Denmark Read my reviews (6)
5 11-19-2012
Relief for Tune-o-matic bridge

The Golden Age roller bridge arrived today -and what a relief it is! My brandnew Gibson Midtown Standard was almost impossible to intonate and to keep in tune. The factory Tuneomatic saddles didn't have sufficient travel to properly adjust the intonation, and by design the Tuneomatic bridge just loosely slips over the posts. The Golden Age rollerbridge firmly rests on top of the posts, resulting in improved string contact, tone clarity and string definition -the longer saddle travel of course now allows perfect intonation. No more running out of space on the saddle intonation screws! The result is so dramatic that I will replace all Tuneomatics in my collection of player guitars -my Les Paul can't wait!

Roger Hausmann - Bulldog Guitars  Johnson City, TN USA Read my reviews (3)
5 11-02-2012
Tuning issues gone

Installed the bridge on my Bigsby equipped Epi Goldtop. Had to follow Dave's advice and insert the bridge posts into the studs. Once done, it's an excellent fit, although I'd have to replace the studs if I ever want to remove this bridge. That's not going to happen. Intonation's a breeze. Bigsby works like a champ and tuning issues are gone. I recommend this bridge for Bigsby users. My Gotoh bridge (a big improvement over the Epi) will just have to wait for another project. Hmmm...

Mike Vidallier  New Iberia, LA Read my reviews (10)
5 10-26-2012

Recibí el Roller Bridge y ya lo instalé, simple y perfecto. Muy bueno!

gerarusso  Buenos Aires, Argentina
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