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ColorTone Polishing Compounds

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The final step for a beautiful finish. Available in shop-size containers, or in 4-ounce bottles for smaller jobs.

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ColorTone Polishing Compounds
  Item# Description In stock Price Quantity
1202 Medium, 1.65 lb. jar Yes

1203 Fine 1.65 lb. jar Yes

1204 Swirl Remover, 16-oz. bottle Yes

1205 Set of 3 large sizes SAVE $4.00 Yes

1844 Coarse, 4-oz. bottle Yes

1845 Medium, 4-oz. bottle Yes

1846 Fine 4-oz. bottle Yes

1847 Swirl Remover, 4-oz. bottle Yes

1848 Set of 4 small sizes SAVE $4.00 Yes

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A customer described it best: ColorTone® polishing compounds make the magic happen! Used by hand with a soft cloth or with foam rotary polishing pads, they transform a fine-sanded new finish into a dazzling high-gloss surface you can be proud of. ColorTone compounds remove fine sanding scratches on instrument finishes and plastic pickguards, with no silicone residue to hamper future refinishing.

If you're final-sanding a new finish with 600 to 800-grit papers, begin the polishing sequence with Coarse compound. If final sanding is done with 1200-grit, start with Medium compound. Fine compound follows Medium when a super-high gloss is desired.

Swirl Remover applied with a foam rotary pad removes buffing marks and extremely fine sanding scratches on fresh finishes. It can also be used by hand to bring out a higher lustre on new or aged finishes.

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ColorTone Polishing Compounds
ColorTone Polishing Compounds
5 out of 5 stars
Based on 75 ratings Write a Review
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4 6-28-2012

kinda pricey but a little goes a long way

Garry  Los Angeles CA Read my reviews (4)
5 6-07-2012
Good Stuff

I like these very much. I feel more comfortable using something formulated for an instrument, than a car. That said here are a few tips that I will adhere to in the future. If you are nuts about your finishes, get all three compounds regardless of what you finished wet sanding with. You will be glad you did. Second thing, unless you are going to chuck up one of the polishing pads here in a drill press for small items, or do a smaller repair, I would maybe rethink polishing an entire guitar with a pad chucked in a drill. Great compounds though!

WinstonF  St. Charles, MO Read my reviews (4)
Customer supplied image for review
4 5-09-2012
very good results

I used the medium, fine, and swirl remover to refinish a Gibson Explorer. Overall, I like the results very much! The consistency is a little thin...and can fly around if you use too much. Also, I didn't see a big difference from the medium to the fine. After the swirl remover, I noticed the combined effect of all that buffing! Wow. A hard, shiny...shine, ha. I will be using these on my future projects.

MUYFUE  San Antonio TX Read my reviews (17)
Customer supplied image for review
5 5-04-2012
Color tone Compounds

Works very well.The foam polishing pads wear to fast,but the compounds are great.

Steven K  Columbia, Maryland Read my reviews (20)
Customer supplied image for review
5 4-30-2012
Brought "Life" back to my Alvarez !

These compounds are easy to use and do a really nice job. I highly suggest to purchase the foam pads too ( a different pad for each grade of polish ) - though the price tag get's up there, it's a worth while investment in your tool box for maintenance and care of your instrument(s).

Will Laturno  Prospect, CT. USA Read my reviews (9)
5 4-27-2012
at last

i have never been one that was able to get a really good finish on any project, until now.This stuff works like gangbusters by itself & with the swirl romover it is just icing on the cake. love it

ph  Florida Read my reviews (18)
4 2-20-2012
Great polish

The product works great, The only problem I have is that one of the bottles appeared to have leaked during shipping so I recieved a bag of polishing compound rather than a bottle, managed to salvage most of it though. No leaks to the rest of the package and no damage to the box.

Jordan  Auckland, New Zealand Read my reviews (2)
StewMac responds

contact us if we need to replace that compound. We would be happy to send a replacement, free of charge.

5 2-18-2012
Smooth & Easy

I applied the ColorTone as indicated by hand using an old cut up t-shirt. I polished in a circular motion and the Satin finish on my sapele wood Martin OM1 began to shine. It finished out beautifully. Thanks for a great easy to use product.

jloud  Kentucky, USA Read my reviews (3)
Customer supplied image for review
5 2-14-2012

Great compounds, I use those with stewmac's polishing pads and it's easy to get good results and a nice finish.

Hugo  Canada Read my reviews (11)
5 1-24-2012
4-ounce Magic

Just completed a StewMac tenor uke kit using the Color Tone polishes. The uke was finished with many coats of Behlen Stringed Instrument Laquer and finally sanded to 1200 wet & dry before curing for 7 days. Started polishing with Medium, using StewMac foam pads and a drill mounted in a vice running at about 700 rpm. The stuff is flung in every direction (next project is some sort of hood to contain the polish!), but what a finish. By the time I had reached the Swirl Remover, I had a surface a professional luthier would be proud of. There were a few faint scratches but I put these down to poor sanding technique which I hope to improve on. It's important too that the foam pads are kept in plastic bags between use and not allowed to become dust contaminated as any dust will scratch the surface during polishing. Any difficult-to-reach parts of the surface can easily be polished by hand using a very soft cloth. Even managed to repair a tiny surface blemish caused by an indiscretion with paint stripper. I cleaned around the damage, filled the little hole with a dab of lacquer, cured it, sanded the local area to 1200, and polished again - virtually no sign of the repair. Very happy with the Color Tone polishes and looking forward to using these on my banjo projects.

Dr. Don  Melbourne, Australia Read my reviews (10)
Customer supplied image for review
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