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Ball Bearing Router Bits

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Special bits for templates! Extra-long carbide-tipped router bits produce clean, precise body cavities when used with our templates.

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Ball Bearing Router Bits
  Item# Description In stock Price Quantity
0565 Set of both router bits SAVE $5.00 Yes

0583 Router bit, 3/8" dia. Yes

0693 Router bit,1/2" dia. Yes

1288 Extra bearing for 3/8" bit Yes

1289 Extra bearing 1/2" bit Yes

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The ball-bearing guide matches the cutting diameter, and the long shank allows multiple-pass routing for deep cavities.

The 1/2" diameter bit is recommended for most of your routing chores. Use the 3/8" cutter only for routing corners that need the tighter radius.

Sold individually or SAVE when you buy the set of both router bits.

Shank diameter: 1/4" (6.35mm)
Cutting height: 1/2" (12.7mm)

A heat-resistant sleeve (not shown) holds the bearing in position. We recommend stacking an extra bearing on the shank for deep cavities, and use the 3/8" bit only for routing corners.

Tip: We recommend that you change the position of stacked bearings on the router bit's shank every time your re-chuck in the bit into your router. This will greatly extend the life of the bearings and reduces the risk of a bearing "blow-out."

How (and why) to use templates to rout control cavities
How (and why) to use templates to rout a solidbody guitar
How (and why) to use templates to rout control cavities Read more

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Ball Bearing Router Bits
Ball Bearing Router Bits
4.5 out of 5 stars
Based on 86 ratings Write a Review
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4 10-19-2011
Good bits

If you are using the Stew Mac templates
these are the only bits available that can be used. Off the shelf bits are too long and make too deep a cut. They are on the expensive side though.

Chester V  Pointe Claire, Quebec, Canada Read my reviews (7)
5 10-12-2011
Very good

No complaints here. I didn't fancy the plastic tube method of fixing the bearing ring, so I bought an extra ring which works fine

Slicepack  UK Read my reviews (12)
4 10-04-2011
Ball Bearing Router Bits

Generally cut well but I wasn't too happy with the plastic sleeve idea. I then purchased enough bearings to completely cover the shank on both the 1/2" and 3/8" bits. I think this is the only way to use them when using a template. For adjusting the bearing position I found the easiest way was to remove the static bearing from an alternative make of bit that holds the bearing in place using an allen screw in an undersized bearing and sharing it between all my 1/4" shaft bits. In the UK I haven't found a 1/2" deep cutter, they are all around 25 mm so too deep for some of the routing required.So the SM bit is the right size but maybe could do with a 'keeper' bearing not a plastic tube?

Pat Green  UK Read my reviews (20)
4 9-27-2011
Unbeareble without the bearings

I'm glad Stewmac is including the bearings now. Mine came whithout it, and it's just a mess all over.

Claudio Kezen  Brazil Read my reviews (18)
3 9-10-2011
SO SO...

I had 2 of these bearings come apart on me, within a few seconds on the very first cavity routing job, despite light side pressure, and oiling the bearing. Only 1 of 3 have survived-despite identical technique. Overall, I am not happy with this product.

Tim Taylor  Bristow Va Read my reviews (4)
5 9-05-2011
Very Useful Size Router Bit

I use this router bit in multiple places - Pickup Cavities, Neck Pockets, and pre routing for hand carved pieces when removing material in a small area is required. I have never had a problem with this bit or its bearings. I do not use the plastic tube as a bought enough bearings to stack the whole shank. This also reduces pressure on the individual bearings which has probably prolonged their life.

I guess when it comes to tools I do take care of my more sensitive pieces. I tend to be a perfectionist and know when to use finesse as opposed to brute force. I will definitely purchase the bit and bearings again.

J Sojka  Taunton, MA, New England
1 8-29-2011
Ruins your templates

These bits cut wider than the bearing. They ruined a few templates and got me in trouble with my projects.
I'm not sure if newer ones are better quality, so I'm reluctant to buy new ones.

Reyer  The Netherlands Read my reviews (2)
1 8-25-2011
VERY fragile

I was very wary of the fact that the bearings weren't tight on the shank, and that only a plastic tube(also not that tight) held it in place. After a few minutes of use, the bearing fell apart and part of it slid over the tube, because the tubing obviously isn't as thick as it needs to be. Tried the next bearing, same problem. I ended up destroying 2 templates(also bought on stewmac) using the bit. I do not baby my equipment but I surely don't abuse it, and all of my other bits(even budget ones) are nowhere near this fragile. This will probably be my LAST purchase on stewmac. Don't buy these unless you treat them like a baby.

Jared Standish  CT
StewMac responds

We're sorry to hear you had problems with our Ball Bearing Router Bits. We're happy to offer a refund or replacement, just let us know. Please try our technical support line in the future. We're happy to offer assistance.

2 8-13-2011
template router bits

Using your ball bearing cutter bit with plastic pick up template I found that the template was oversize so had to make my own template. Also the first ball bearing seized therefore burnt the template. Replaced the ball bearing with the second ball bearing which blew apart and damaged guitar top. I since purchased a new bearing from a local supplier.

Don Waddington c/o Larry Taylor  w
3 8-09-2011
Cuts good, doesn't stay

Used it on my recent project. The ball bearing isn't mounted - you can take it off if you want to, which also means, that you have to make sure, that it doesn't move, when you route. Stewmac's solution is a plastic tube that comes with the router bit. The problem is, that this plastic tube isn't 100% secure, so if you're unlucky, it will move. Could be nice with a more secure solution to this.

Max Boderskov  Århus, Denmark Read my reviews (4)
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